Pet Movers
(Incorporating Pet Transporters)
Located in the Midlands of the UK

Specializing in the transport of  Domestic pets.

Telephone: 01527 893054
International: 0044 (0) 1527 893054


Our Location is:
 Oak Farm Kennels,
 Jill Lane Sambourne,
 Warwickshire. B96 6ES


Pet Movers  provide:

  • Low cost by road, Pet Mover's transport from the UK to European  destinations. A door to door service. Regular route to Spain and France. 

  • Pet Movers Courier service- Is in vehicles prepared to ensure Pet comfort and safety during journey. You may use your Pet's own travel cage or crate.

  • Dietary- Feeding is as per owners specific instructions.

  • Exercise- Frequent stops are made to allow the animals to be exercised under close control by our Pet Movers staff .

  • Accommodation- Pet Movers can board your Pets prior to the journey if desired.

  • Local veterinary services and micro-chipping are available if required.

Photograph shows Mac (the Dog) and Sean, resting in Italy whilst en-route to Mac's owners who live in Turkey.

Pet transport by road is considered to be much preferable to that of Air Travel. The animals suffer less stress, by virtue of the presence of human company. They are free from aircraft noise and being in a confined area, and they get exercise during the journey. Also, Pet Mover's costs are lower.

Note: It is advisable, that animals with minor health ailments might not be accepted by Airlines.

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Use Pet Movers
for the Safety and Comfort of your Pet whilst in our specially adapted transport vehicles.

please note due to scams from webb adverts for puppy sales and transport,i (sean) only work direct with customers moving pets,i do not transport pets for pet sales from 3red partys,before you part with any money ,useally by western union to these sites ,look at puppys will be priced accordingly,then work out how much it would cost to transport and pay a wage to a driver.